That’s one of the ways we work. Spoken word, spoken thoughts.


In this poem, he talks about waiting for his father who’s working at the power station.

So we asked his father to make a film for us, about the place he worked when the writer was a child.

This is the first time his father ever made an artwork, filmed on his home video camera.

A recording of this poem was released anonymously as an anonymous double B side, 4 track (i.e. there were 4 items, not that it was recorded on a 4-track, we’re not hipsters) single for Vinyl Record Day 2016. The disks were hand-cut on a record lathe in a limited, Artist’s Edition of 10.

Collectable, but completely unavailable.

The record was distributed by surreptitiously inserting it into the record collections of various people and organisations, such as the guitarist who used to be the drummer in that Seattle grunge band (think Club 27), that graffiti bloke from Bristol (allegedly), that big university in San Francisco, the mega-hip record store in NYC (you know the one), France’s most respected indie radio station – oh, and the same in Berlin, the woman (ex singer for that 90’s Welsh band) who does a BBC Radio 6 music show, the bloke who does the radio show (it’s got ‘The Chain’) with his mate – also BBC, that funky little radio station/record store in Toronto…and one other but we can’t say, have said enough already.

ffloc vinyl

In this case, mostly anonymous.

Click here to read about the whole vinyl thing….




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